This example checklist helps you remember the most important things to become a professional Product Owner.

As the Product Owner you are responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the Development Team. Your way of doing this may vary across organizations, Scrum Teams, and individuals. This checklist is therefore only an example.

Even the best Product Owners cannot know beforehand what is most valuable for the customers, end users, and investors. Thankfully, Scrum’s inspection and adaptation cycle provides feedback and learning opportunities also for you as the Product Owner. To monitor your personal growth, you can occasionally re-check your Product Owner Score.

Click here to download the Product Owner Checklist. Your comments are welcome below.

2 thoughts on “The Product Owner Checklist

  1. Thank you Cindy, Marc, Rainer, Jseibert, Sami, Cope, and everyone else for your valuable feedback. The Product Owner’s Checklist has now been updated based on your comments:

    • Fixed: I can answer to questions about the product vision and business model in a concise and motivating way
    • Added: I can answer to questions about how each product backlog item will generate value for the stakeholders
    • Added: My forecasts to stakeholders are based on development team’s measured velocity or throughput
    • Fixed: I participate in sprint review meetings, give and gather constructive feedback, and verify which of the selected product backlog items fulfill their unique Acceptance Criteria and the general Definition of Done.


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