Scrum Express

Would you like to upgrade and synchronize your organization’s Scrum know-how in just one day?

The Scrum Express Course is a concentrated dose of knowhow, team exercises, and real-world examples. The course covers Agile, Lean, and Scrum basics and extends them with practical team exercises. The course will teach the participants how to do Scrum and cooperate more productively:

  • Agile values and benefits
  • eXtreme Programming, Test-Driven Development, Lean, and Kanban basics
  • Scrum’s elements: Roles, artifacts, and events
  • Practical team-based, time-boxed exercises for product visioning, product backlog creation, release planning, prioritization/ordering, and estimation
  • Agile effects on daily work and cooperation
  • Things to consider when using Scrum
  • Final Team Exercise

The Scrum Express is targeted to development team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and directors who want to quickly upgrade or refresh their Scrum knowhow. Scrum Express also synchronizes the students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Some Course Feedback

”Practical, clear, and participatory training method. THANKS!”

”The course visualized well Scrum’s principles and their relationships. Just the right package for the schedule.”

”The best was attitude. I hoped for more time for the valuable discussions, perhaps another day for coaching?”

”I got a good understanding of Scrum. Best was that everyone could participate in the exercises. Very valuable!”

”Highly concentrated package, good discussions and final exercise. The course answered to my questions, and now I’m planning to proceed with Scrum.”

Pricing and Availability

The Scrum Express course lasts one day and is held in the customer’s premises for maximum of 30 participants. The course is available in Finnish or English and includes the course materials in PDF format. The Scrum Express course costs €2.900 (VAT 0%).

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