Back to the Future


Retrospective generally means to take a look back at events that already have taken place.

Welcome to, my blog and brand for Scrum education. To get started, perhaps you can learn something useful from my past three years as a Scrum Coach and Trainer.


The first year was probably most rewarding. Eventhough I did some stray projects like recruiting software developers, it was extremely satisfying to pay my own salary, and only report to my customers.
I also graduated as a PADI dive instructor and worked a couple of months in Thailand teaching students how to dive safely.


In 2009 we started a small software shop called Idealist Digital with Idealist Group, a respected team of Finnish innovators and visionaries. By using Ruby on Rails and a very strict agile process, my associate Vesa Vänskä, myself, and our trusted design partners Ville Terämä and Antti Salonen successfully created production-ready Internet services for customers in exactly 10 working days.

Our service was called ID10 (not ID10T as a friend suggested). Eventhough the ID10 concept was a success, some customers asked for a break after the first five days… They got so much functionality that they simply wanted to digest and evaluate it before continuing. Also, it became clear that my calling was not in selling software projects, but in training and coaching that I very much enjoy doing.


In early 2010 I was proud to translate the Scrum Guide into Finnish, and met with Ken Schwaber who became my mentor. After some rigorous assessments he graduated me as a Scrum Trainer for Because of this, I simply wanted to focus on the trainer career and we decided to put Idealist Digital on hold for now.

Here goes my greatest thanks to Vesa VänskäVille TerämäAntti SalonenJaakko KievariKatja LindroosJuha Tynkkynen, and Saku Tuominen for their loving support to Idealist Digital. I’m also thankful to all our customers, who will be further supported by Vesa Vänskä and their fantastic development team at Kisko Labs.

Back to the Future

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned… A new story will begin, and the next article will be about learning to succeed.

The cover image is one of the public web services we developed in just 10 days under the ID10 concept. Art to My Home lets you buy paintings directly from the registered artists and have the art shipped to your home. I’m loving it!


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